Her Objection

Feelings are pretty little liars cooked up by my perceptions getting way too much screen time replaying episodes of my past. Feelings will lead me astray every time. I can love something I should hate, I could hate something I should love. I will build attachments to things that are not good for me and struggle like a shackled, wing-clipped, bird thinking I am flying free simply because I have a view of the sky. I have been advised of the trap of my emotions; my thoughts and feelings are in cahoots. My responses to the things that have happened to me and around me birthed perceptions that claimed real estate in my mind. These thoughts and perceptions multiply over time as I play them out in the form of habits. Bottom line, I can never trust my feelings. This is a culmination of some messages I have gotten from a couple of different sources over the past year, and I object.

My feelings are part of my being. To go at this from a religious standpoint, one of the most commonly referenced hardline statements in the Bible acknowledges this fact.  I am encouraged to utilize this part of me to worship God, interact with others, and move forward in life. My feelings are not a thing to be put away because “they make me do bad things.” They are not gremlins waiting for water. I agree that I need to direct them with intention and balance them with wisdom. However, that is only possible when I am acknowledging them as a key part of who I am, and daily working out bending them in the right direction.

Perhaps it is easier for me to object as a sensitive and emotional person. It will be said that I am protecting the beast within, dressing it up, being of the world, or that I am misinformed and immature. Ironically, I am tempted to feel indifferent about those judgments. However, if that was the response I chose to settle on I would not be writing about it. If I adopted the idea that my feelings were to be vanquished, well…I wouldn’t be a writer at all.